Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Courtlyne's Birthday

July 6th 2011
Courtlyne's Birthday

I can not believe that another year has come and gone since my oldest child was born.  She is a great girl. Full of personality and spunk. She spends most of her free time doing gymnastics, which is nice since I am there with her.  She officially LOVES Jack Sparrow. That is about all she got for her birthday, Jack Sparrow paraphernalia.   She invited a few friends over for a pirate restaurant birthday party. After she drew and painted the awesome Black Pearl ship for the backdrop--she insisted on decorating her own cake.  Oh... well I guess it was one less thing that I had to do.  I am still trying to prepare myself for this stage of life--crushes on superstars, crushes on boys, going to the mall, independence and preteen attitudes.  She is a great girl.
I love her dearly.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Mom-You Raise Me Up.

I think I have procrastinated on the blogging because I have not wanted to do this post.. 
but at the same time...
 I want to do it.  
We had the anniversary of my mom's passing this June. 
June 24th 2011 
We were attending the family reunion with the Measoms.
It was a day like any other, yet a day like no other.
My Dad sent us all a text saying he loved and appreciated us. 
He went on a long bike ride.
We took the kids swimming.
Mom was not there.
she was.

 One of the most precious gifts that I have ever been given.  
My mom's fingerprint and "MOM" sketched in everlasting silver.
Reminding  me of Everlasting life.

We all got a necklace.
Holly, Emma, Gregg,
Jessica, Allan,
 and Grandma.
We wear them a lot.
 I can't help but feel like she is nearer when it is around my neck.
People say that the first year is the hardest.  
Our lives here go on fairly in the same manner as they did before.  
We laugh a lot.
We spend time together. 
We love each other.

But some things have changed...
I can no longer listen to You Raise Me Up," without tearing up, and the Hawaiian Ice shack brings back bittersweet memories.  But life goes on...
 as Mom would want it to
 us here on Earth with her close by watching and praying over us from Heaven. 
 I love you Mom. 

Monday, October 10, 2011

Measom Family Reunion

For our family reunion this year we were able to go to Lava Hot Springs in Idaho.
We stayed here-
Inn at Owl Hollow
 We had a great time playing and swimming and just relaxing.  I was about 8 1/2  months pregnant so besides not sleeping well anywhere, and not having a swim suit that fit, it was great little vacation.  Really the only one that the kids got all summer.  The house was fun. We were pretty much all able to stay in it--all including
Grandma and grandpa, Lorin and Sherry and Family, Julie and Mark and Family, and us.  Holly and Jared came for a couple nights and pitched a tent on the lawn--and my Dad took the quiet way out and rented his own hotel room.
We played games and watched movies and made s'mores around the campfire every night.
We swam at the pool a couple times and we had a great little walk around town.
We visited a little pioneer town and found some ancestors old houses.
Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa for providing us with such a great time away. 
Magnificent View from our back patio.
Amazing colors 

 Caeden having a great time just being outside.

All the other fun stuff we did.
-High dive (courtlyne)
-Scary slide (carter)
-wiffle ball games
-some other game played with wooden blocks
-visiting with Grandma Donna

Sunday, August 28, 2011


To me softball equals stress.....
Courtlyne gets stressed
Ben gets stressed
I just plain hate softball.
Carter does not get stressed. She just gets mad if other kids are not playing up to her expectations.  And she is not afraid to let them know what the problem is.  Carter played her second year of coach pitch and she is being recruited to play on next years teams already. 

On the other hand, Courtlyne + softball + her Dad coaching + game situations =  STRESS
If you put her in the batting cage, or the back yard she will hit all day long, with perfect form.  Once she is on the field she gets a little intimidated----of her peers that she is playing against, and her Dad.  She is a great athlete and has a lot of natural talent--just a lot of STRESS on the field.  
On a positive note...
she is the fastest runner,  
and she stole the most bases, 
and she says she likes to play,
so I guess we will see what happens next year.......I am sure I will be watching more softball and experiencing more STRESS.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Carter's Baptism

Carter's Baptism
June 4th 2011

I can't believe it, another daughter grown up and old enough to enter the waters of baptism. 
 I am so grateful for Carter and her choice to be baptized.  She is such a good girl, helpful and kind.  
 I am grateful to have her in my life-she always adds a little spice to everything she does. 

She was baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints by her Dad,
 on June 4th 2011.
He then was able to confirm her and give her the gift of the Holy Ghost.
Her friends Abigail Archibald  and Allie Tippets were baptized on the same day.   It seems like not long ago  when they were all turning 3 and having a birthday party together.  Now 5 years later they are all 8 and growing up fast. 
Carter asked her aunt Holly to give a talk on the Holy Ghost and she did such a marvelous job!  I hope Carter will remember the talk she gave and the spirit that was felt there. 
Courtlyne also sang a song (under duress) with the older sisters of the other kids.
 She did good too!

We had a great turn out of family and friends at her baptism and we followed it up with a yummy BBQ in the backyard.  Thank goodness for good weather that day! Such a blessing to be part of a wonderful family and to see my kids grow up!  I love every step of the way that we encounter together. I love you Carter and and I am so proud of you!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

School's Out!

 The school year officially comes to an end. 
Cal had a marvelous time in Kindergarten.  Being able to spend everyday with his best friend Kyson, playing outside at recess and having Mrs. Price for a teacher made going to school easy!!! 
He is excited for next year when he can eat lunch in the lunchroom, have 2 recesses, and take computer class.
And I am excited that I do not have to take a trip to the school in the middle of the day.
YEA!!! For 1st grade!!

So we have a strange tradition at our house where we invite the kids teachers over for dinner at the end of the school year.  MY husband thinks this is REALLY weird--he is a teacher and he said he would never want to be invited over to dinner. However this tradition stops usually by the time they hit 5th grade or so... 
Carter's teacher Miss Amy Nelson came over  for a lovely time. 
 Dinner and kickball in the backyard. 

Thank you to all those teachers who make a difference in the lives of my kids. 

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

She's got some wheel's

Hersey Track Meet
May 2011

 This little girl of mine can FLY!!!  I mean really fly.  She ran the 100 meter and took 1st in her heat so she advanced to the semi-final race. Then she took 1st in that heat so she advanced to the finals. In the final race she placed 3rd allowing her to move on to the district meet in that event. But that is not the amazing part.  The amazing part came later in the 400 meter run.

                       Good starts                                                                             Excellent  form

400 meter run
 She is just a natural at this.  Look at her lose fingers, her great stride, her good arm action, and if you could have seen the photo finish--AMAZING!
This is what everyone was seeing as she ran about 10 yards in front of them ALL!
She took 1st in the 400 and qualified for the district meet. Yipee!
I could watch her run all day.  Problem is she doesn't want to run. WHY???

After a little cajoling and bribery Ben and I talked her into running in the district meet.  She really didn't want to.  She said she just doesn't like running.  How do you not like it when you WIN??? 
That we did not understand.  Anyway, we all went to watch her run at  the district meet.  Since the 100 was right before the 400 she opted out of that race to save her legs for the 400.  
Oh MAN I was so nervous......and so was she when she found out who she had to run against.  As the girls were called for the race to the starting line we saw the competition for the first time.  THREE extremely tall girls--all wearing their SF track club uniforms--all looking 12 or older---all at least a head taller than Courtlyne. 
Naturally I panicked... I know what it is like to run against people whose legs are  longer than you are
IT IS  HARD.... and  usually the short people do not win.
So I admit I was skeptical about her chances for success, let alone a win.  I told her just go out and do your best.  (To bad she heard all my thoughts out loud on the video that I took of  her race, OOPPS) I will share that to if I can figure out how to post it. 

I mean she  not only beat those tall, track runners, she came in first by at least 5-10 yards.  Yes, my little girl is a runner, a runner in denial.  She qualified for the regional meet and she would not go.  I mean would not.  All the  uncles and aunts and grandparents and parents could not talk her into running again, so I let it  dream of her running. I wish she would embrace this talent of hers, because I love watching her run.  Maybe if I do not force it, and she keeps winning she will one day want to run. 
How can you not want to run when you WIN???
I still don't get it.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Mother's Day

 My Crew of Kiddos
1,2,3,4, and almost 5 of them.
They make me the Mom that I am.  
They make me smile.
They make me laugh.
They make me cry.
They make me worry.
They make me wonder.
They make me crazy.
They make me marvel at all that God gives us.
They make me the Mom that I am.
My dear Mom
Helped me become the mom that I am.
Taught me to love.
Taught me to serve.
Taught me patience.
Taught me to love God.
Taught me that nothing is greater than being a Mom.
Taught me to put my whole heart into it.
Mother's Day was not the same without you here.  

Saturday, June 18, 2011


So you know when the kids are playing and someone gets hurts and starts crying and comes in and says I think I broke my arm, or leg, or foot, or finger, and your first thought as a parent is...Yeah right, you will be fine, let me look at it and give it a kiss and everything will be better. Well, this wasn't one of those times.  Cal walked into the room, quite calmly I would say, crying, but not freaking out--and he said "I think I broke my arm." and I started to say "No you didn't you will be fine," and then I looked at it and I said,
 "Yep, it looks like your broke your arm."  

Of course it was a Sunday evening--Isn't that the only time something happens--so we loaded Cal into the car and took him to the ER, while Holly and Jared took the other kids home to bed.  Fun Stuff!!  He was such a good sport--never crying, really, until they had to take the x-rays and move his arm all around.  That HURT!  Then we went back to his room, got some drugs stuck in his butt, and waited for him to fall asleep so the Dr. could set the bone back in place.  That all went smoothly.  Then we just had to wait, and wait, and wait for him to wake up.  While we were waiting, our pediatrician arrived at the ER with his son.  That made me feel a little better knowing the Dr. gets to visit the ER occasionally too:)
SO.... about 2 hours later Cal starts to come out of his drug induced sleep--He didn't wake up very easily, since by this time it was 11:00 and he was ready to go to sleep for real.  
-He had the splint from the ER on for 2 weeks
-Then the awesome RED cast for 4 weeks
-Then the BLUE cast for 2 weeks

This was the only time that Cal seemed concerned that he had a broken arm, when they had to take the cast off. He had to call is friend Kyson, who had already experienced a broken arm, to ask him how they did it and if it hurt. 
 He would not take my word for it--He had to call a friend.


 Funny Feeling Floppy Arm

The entire first broken bone adventure started on April 3rd, 2011.  Eight weeks later he got his last cast off, and was free man.  Cal did not complain about his arm, or his cast, or being uncomfortable one time. 
  Seriously, he didn't.  He  was quite the trooper.
As  parents this is the first broken bone we have encountered.  We have had a couple sets of stitches, but this is the first break.  I was fine the entire night.  I am always calm and patient in situations like this. I am not bothered by the hospital, in fact I quite enjoy it.  I have always liked visiting the hospital.  I like the smell, the things to hear, and the people to watch. I am not bothered by  blood, shots, stitches, having them set Cal's arm, or whatever else might come along.  SO... I was feeling fine through the whole ordeal--
minus the thought of having to pay for it.
And then we got home, and I got into bed, and I started to BAWL my eyes out!! This was the first time in my life as a mom, that the realization hit me that I CAN NOT PROTECT MY KIDS 100% of the time.  And when they get older it will be even harder. So I lay there thinking, and crying, and needing my Mom, and  realizing that the FUN was just beginning.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Carter's 8th Birthday

May 1st, 2011

I can't believe that my little Carter has turned eight years old.
This is a pretty big birthday with a baptism coming up and the beginning of  the end of yearly friend birthday parties.  After the kids turn 8 I only let them have friend party every other year, so this was the first year that Carter did not have all her friends for a birthday party.  
She had crepes for breakfast,
grilled cheese and straight noodle soup for lunch,
and Shepherds pie for dinner--She is easy to please. 
Some of Carter's favorite things are:
the color blue
playing with her sister 
spending time with family
her friend Kate

Carter is such a great spirit in our family. She is always ready and willing to help her Dad outside. She loves to tag along with him when he is working on any project. She is also willing to help with Caeden whenever I need a spare hand.   She loves to play with Courtlyne and do stuff with her, and she is so good to almost always play whatever Courtlyne wants. She has some great friends that she has known for a long time and it is fun to see them grow up together.  I love her and her sweetness very much--She is a great blessing to me!!

Grandpa Jim and Grandma Carol

Great Grandma and Grandpa Measom

 Great Grandpa and Grandma Carlson

                                                                                                                                                 Grandpa Gary

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Birthday Time

Cal's Birthday
April 23rd

Once again he wanted to go to Chuck E. Cheese, so we invited his bestest buddy Kyson to go with us and we spent the afternoon eating pizza and wasting our money on awesome games and tickets.
-It is nice to have a quick easy party without a lot of planning or worry on my part.
-Don't really love Chuck E.Cheese--but he does.
-He ate so much chocolate cake while we were there, and then later that night when we invited over the grandparents and aunts and uncles he ate even more chocolate cake. Finally, a kid after my own chocolate heart!!
Right now Cal loves:
 -to play video games, computer games, Wii, Nintedo, games on peoples phones, anything electronic he can    get his grubby hands on, (much to my dismay). 
-the color red
-hanging with his buddy Kyson
-riding bikes and scooters
-anything Thor or Ninja
-eating straight noodle soup
-chocolate cake and ice cream

Friday, May 13, 2011

One Smart Cookie

 My Smart Little Cookie

   Smart COOKIE!!!


Since my sister just moved her spa Azalea Day Spa and Salon to the shop right next door to Smart Cookie, there have been a few dollars spent there on some delectably, delicious cookies.  When cookies are this good I think that I could eat them for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert.  If you have never had a Smart Cookie, now is the time. Then you probably should drop by the spa for a pedicure, facial, or a massage.  Can't think of a better day.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

March Madness

*Caeden having a complete meltdown*
Cat in the Hat for Dr. Seuss's  Birthday
And a day of sluffing school to visit the Discovery Gateway museum.
Courtlyne has been begging to go here for the longest time.  The last time we went she was about 5 and she loved it.  Yeah--she didn't love it so much this time even though it is bigger and better.
 She is almost 11 now and it just isn't the same. 
The other kids had an okay time--I do not think it is an amazing place to take kids or worth the money--If we had not had discounted tickets I would not have gone.  I wouldn't really recommend it, unless they could guarantee that there wouldn't be anyone else but you and your kids there, then it would be FUN!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

It's A BOY!!

On March 16, 2011 Ben and I went to the doctor to have an ultra sound to find out if our baby #5 was going to be a boy or a girl.  I felt like all along it would be a girl, simply for the fact that we just seem to do well with girls.  But I was wrong, and Ben was right.  Another little boy for our family of 6 to now become a family of 7. I never in all my years of growing up and such,  imagined myself having 5 kids.  Never imagined it.  But it was just right  to try to have one more,  we didn't have to try very hard either.   I remember my mom saying when I was pregnant with Caeden that she hoped she would be a girl because then we would try one more time to have another boy--I told her no way we will be done with 4 kiddos--Well, I think my mom met this little spirit up in heaven and sent him to us pronto so we would not change our minds. Ben and I came home to the kids having set up this awesome display for dinner.  They were anticipating the announcement!!
Well, i'ts a BOY!! Everyone was excited except for Courtlyne.  She did however send everyone a great email that I wish I would have saved forever--It said something about my mom is having a BOY!  And guess what I saw a picture of his wiener! I have got to see if she still has that on her email, it was hilarious.  She was hoping I guess for another sister.
 Things like this make me happy and proud to me a MOM of such great kids.  I love you guys!

They used the nice tablecloth, the fancy glasses, and an amazing display of Kool-Aid in the punch bowl.  The Kool-Aid didn't get quite enough sugar, but we helped them out with that after we tasted it. 

Had to show Caeden's little cheesy smile.
So does anyone have any good ideas for a boy name that starts with a C?
These ones have already been eliminated--
Conan (which was honestly Ben's first pick)
Colin (sick kid in Secret Garden)
Cadillac (Ben's 2nd pick)
Cobra (Cal's first pick)  Maybe if I were married to Jackie Chan and we were ninjas

I like Coah, Coen, and Cannon

We both like Cael--Is it too much like Cal??  This is tough, so any unusual or usual names that you know of shout them out there!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

St. George

Really, why do we go to St.George?  It is all about the swimming.  The pool, the pool, the pool.  The only real reason we go to St. George.  Thank goodness the weather was warm enough to swim and the kids had a blast.  I sat in the sun since--the water wasn't quite warm enough for me, and I am in no shape for swimming right now.  Caeden had the best time, she jumped and swam and could have cared less if anyone was with her and her water muscles or not. It was a little scary to watch her confidence grow and grow as the weekend went on.  She loves the water.  I can't wait until summer when we can just fill up the backyard pool and be warm in the sunshine.  If the sun ever decides to come out and stay awhile. 

A quick stop at the St George temple usually rounds out our trip. It was a really quick trip this time as one of the baseball coaches called and his car had broken down on the side of the road on his way out of town.  We quickly loaded up the kids and headed out to see if we could help him and his family.  We ended up with all 11 of us riding to Cedar City together in our van.  We piled in and cozied up.  They had some family there that helped them get fixed up and on their way. 

Just a little stop in the sun

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Mi Tio

Mi Tio Es El Mas Bakan


So, Allan was so excited to send Caeden this shirt for her second birthday.  Only we couldn't really translate it--Bakan, was an unknown Spanish word to even Grandma Carol who speaks fluent Spanish. We pretty much guessed that it meant that my Uncle is the coolest or best, or something to that affect.  When Allan emailed me that next week he said that is is more of a gangster/slang word that is used only Chile and it basically means my Uncle is a Bad-A.

So, in a tribute to our favorite Elder Allan Measom, the Bad-A, we wear this shirt!  Here are some pictures of him working hard in the mission field--Love you Uncle Alli.