Sunday, April 24, 2011

St. George

Really, why do we go to St.George?  It is all about the swimming.  The pool, the pool, the pool.  The only real reason we go to St. George.  Thank goodness the weather was warm enough to swim and the kids had a blast.  I sat in the sun since--the water wasn't quite warm enough for me, and I am in no shape for swimming right now.  Caeden had the best time, she jumped and swam and could have cared less if anyone was with her and her water muscles or not. It was a little scary to watch her confidence grow and grow as the weekend went on.  She loves the water.  I can't wait until summer when we can just fill up the backyard pool and be warm in the sunshine.  If the sun ever decides to come out and stay awhile. 

A quick stop at the St George temple usually rounds out our trip. It was a really quick trip this time as one of the baseball coaches called and his car had broken down on the side of the road on his way out of town.  We quickly loaded up the kids and headed out to see if we could help him and his family.  We ended up with all 11 of us riding to Cedar City together in our van.  We piled in and cozied up.  They had some family there that helped them get fixed up and on their way. 

Just a little stop in the sun

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  1. I love all your pictures. I can't believe how big your kids look to me. I guess I haven't seen you guys in a while.
    Courtlyn looked amazing at the gym. Wow! and I loved the pictures of Allan. He looks so happy.