Monday, October 10, 2011

Measom Family Reunion

For our family reunion this year we were able to go to Lava Hot Springs in Idaho.
We stayed here-
Inn at Owl Hollow
 We had a great time playing and swimming and just relaxing.  I was about 8 1/2  months pregnant so besides not sleeping well anywhere, and not having a swim suit that fit, it was great little vacation.  Really the only one that the kids got all summer.  The house was fun. We were pretty much all able to stay in it--all including
Grandma and grandpa, Lorin and Sherry and Family, Julie and Mark and Family, and us.  Holly and Jared came for a couple nights and pitched a tent on the lawn--and my Dad took the quiet way out and rented his own hotel room.
We played games and watched movies and made s'mores around the campfire every night.
We swam at the pool a couple times and we had a great little walk around town.
We visited a little pioneer town and found some ancestors old houses.
Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa for providing us with such a great time away. 
Magnificent View from our back patio.
Amazing colors 

 Caeden having a great time just being outside.

All the other fun stuff we did.
-High dive (courtlyne)
-Scary slide (carter)
-wiffle ball games
-some other game played with wooden blocks
-visiting with Grandma Donna

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