Tuesday, May 3, 2011

It's A BOY!!

On March 16, 2011 Ben and I went to the doctor to have an ultra sound to find out if our baby #5 was going to be a boy or a girl.  I felt like all along it would be a girl, simply for the fact that we just seem to do well with girls.  But I was wrong, and Ben was right.  Another little boy for our family of 6 to now become a family of 7. I never in all my years of growing up and such,  imagined myself having 5 kids.  Never imagined it.  But it was just right  to try to have one more,  we didn't have to try very hard either.   I remember my mom saying when I was pregnant with Caeden that she hoped she would be a girl because then we would try one more time to have another boy--I told her no way we will be done with 4 kiddos--Well, I think my mom met this little spirit up in heaven and sent him to us pronto so we would not change our minds. Ben and I came home to the kids having set up this awesome display for dinner.  They were anticipating the announcement!!
Well, i'ts a BOY!! Everyone was excited except for Courtlyne.  She did however send everyone a great email that I wish I would have saved forever--It said something about my mom is having a BOY!  And guess what I saw a picture of his wiener! I have got to see if she still has that on her email, it was hilarious.  She was hoping I guess for another sister.
 Things like this make me happy and proud to me a MOM of such great kids.  I love you guys!

They used the nice tablecloth, the fancy glasses, and an amazing display of Kool-Aid in the punch bowl.  The Kool-Aid didn't get quite enough sugar, but we helped them out with that after we tasted it. 

Had to show Caeden's little cheesy smile.
So does anyone have any good ideas for a boy name that starts with a C?
These ones have already been eliminated--
Conan (which was honestly Ben's first pick)
Colin (sick kid in Secret Garden)
Cadillac (Ben's 2nd pick)
Cobra (Cal's first pick)  Maybe if I were married to Jackie Chan and we were ninjas

I like Coah, Coen, and Cannon

We both like Cael--Is it too much like Cal??  This is tough, so any unusual or usual names that you know of shout them out there!


  1. congratulations... I like the name Colton that is what one of my friends named their little boy!

  2. I like Candan, Carsten, Cole, Creer & Crewe. Good Luck :)

  3. Congrats! Didn't even know you were expecting again. Guess it has been too long, we need to get together soon! I love Cole and Chase

  4. Sweet post! Made me tear up a little thinking of your mom up there setting things in motion for you! :)
    I do like Cannon, and I like Carston (but I like "on" cuz that what my boys are - but "en" is cute and is like Caeden).

  5. Can't believe you are on number five but it is exciting! I don't know about the name. It is so hard to choose! -Keith likes Cadillac. :)

  6. So happy for you! Boy names are SO HARD!!! Good luck.