Saturday, July 23, 2011

School's Out!

 The school year officially comes to an end. 
Cal had a marvelous time in Kindergarten.  Being able to spend everyday with his best friend Kyson, playing outside at recess and having Mrs. Price for a teacher made going to school easy!!! 
He is excited for next year when he can eat lunch in the lunchroom, have 2 recesses, and take computer class.
And I am excited that I do not have to take a trip to the school in the middle of the day.
YEA!!! For 1st grade!!

So we have a strange tradition at our house where we invite the kids teachers over for dinner at the end of the school year.  MY husband thinks this is REALLY weird--he is a teacher and he said he would never want to be invited over to dinner. However this tradition stops usually by the time they hit 5th grade or so... 
Carter's teacher Miss Amy Nelson came over  for a lovely time. 
 Dinner and kickball in the backyard. 

Thank you to all those teachers who make a difference in the lives of my kids. 

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