Sunday, August 28, 2011


To me softball equals stress.....
Courtlyne gets stressed
Ben gets stressed
I just plain hate softball.
Carter does not get stressed. She just gets mad if other kids are not playing up to her expectations.  And she is not afraid to let them know what the problem is.  Carter played her second year of coach pitch and she is being recruited to play on next years teams already. 

On the other hand, Courtlyne + softball + her Dad coaching + game situations =  STRESS
If you put her in the batting cage, or the back yard she will hit all day long, with perfect form.  Once she is on the field she gets a little intimidated----of her peers that she is playing against, and her Dad.  She is a great athlete and has a lot of natural talent--just a lot of STRESS on the field.  
On a positive note...
she is the fastest runner,  
and she stole the most bases, 
and she says she likes to play,
so I guess we will see what happens next year.......I am sure I will be watching more softball and experiencing more STRESS.

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