Sunday, January 13, 2013

Thanksgiving 2011

Thanksgiving Dinner 2011
Since this was Allan's first Thanksgiving home he wanted to have a big dinner at home. 
We invited both Grandparents and Richard and his family and a couple from Chile
 that weirdly enough
 were here in Utah for Thanksgiving.  
Everyone came. 
Everyone ate. 
Everyone smiled.
I really truly do love Thanksgiving. It makes me mad when people play Christmas music to early
... just skipping...
 right on by this great holiday of 

We tried our hand at some family photos for Christmas Cards
NOT to successful on any account.

How many tries does it take to get a decent picture?... and these are not even half of them.
HAHAHA!!!!! the kids did better.
It is easy to see why it took us about  100 shots and 2 days to try and get a decent picture.


Day TWO....
these were taken on the Sunday after Thanksgiving, when Allan gave his homecoming talk...Seriously!

Finally we came up with these....


And two of my personal favorites. 
Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

November Snow

Literally, the ONLY snow we had all winter.
It was enough to build a great fort. But was melted and gone within a week.  
The weather was weirdly warm this winter.  
November 19th 2011
They built a great snow fort with their fiends the Balsers, and then BAM gone---no more snow... 

It was fun while it lasted!!