Thursday, March 22, 2012

Cas's Baby Blessing

 Another Great Sunday
October  9, 2011

                            Ben and Cas
                                                                                                    The Three of Us     

The Sundays that Ben has blessed our 5 babies have been some of the best Sundays of my life.  I have always loved Sunday, but  there is just something about the Spirit that fills my heart when Ben takes our infants in his arms to give them a name and a blessing, that I never forget. We were so blessed to have our family and friends attend church with us on this day.  I have been especially grateful that my Grandpas have been able to stand in on every single one of my babies blessings.  Ben has actually worn this same tie to all of our babies blessings.  It was his Grandpa James Marziale's tie.  I was a little worried going into this day because I wasn't really quite sure what Ben was going to do about Cas's middle name.  We had a little bit of a disagreement on whether it should be James, or Reed.  James is a name that is used a lot on both sides of our family as I have a Grandpa James and Ben does too.  So I really wanted that middle name. Ben wanted him to have the same middle name that he and Cal have, which is Reed.  I wrote James on the birth certificate but when it came right down to it I guess Ben could have given him a different name.  
He didn't. 
 He stuck with the plan.
 Afterward he said that he was glad that he was named after some great men. 
 So far he still has blue eyes like both his Grandpa's that he is named after
all the other kids eyes are brown. 

Ben is always very thoughtful and prayerful for the days leading up to the babies blessing.  This time he told me that he had a dream about some of the things that he should say in Cas's blessing.  He asked me if I thought that was strange. I told him that I was sure he would do a great job.  As always he did. I do not remember much of what has been said in any of the babies blessings, but I remember Ben  blessing Cas with the power and the strength of Nephi of old.  I hope that this little baby boy grows up to become a great leader and an example to his older siblings just like Nephi was in the Book of Mormon. 

All of the men in the circle could not believe the smile that lit up this little guys face as soon as he heard his Dad's voice.  Several of them came up to us after church just to say how sweet it was to look down at his big grin.  Cas knew that blessing was for him from his father and his Father in Heaven.  He is such a great little guy who continues to light up our lives with his smile. 

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