Sunday, January 22, 2012

Baby Cas

At the Hospital

Every one loved him from the moment they met him.

He had to spend  a lot of time under the lights. All of our kids have had jaundice but Cas was the worst of all of them.  He was so bad that we stayed an extra day in the hospital to keep him under the lights, and then we had to bring home the suitcase lights when we left the hospital. It took a few days but his bilirubin finally leveled out and he turned the right color. 

First day home.  
He already seems to have
 chubby, kissable, squeezable

The day that we came home from the hospital I experienced  one of the most horrible headaches ever known to mankind.  I am sure of it!  It was Friday and I thought I was going to die--literally. Every time I would sit up or stand up my head would feel as though it was going to explode.  Just thinking it would pass, since I usually do not get headaches, I rested and tried to sleep.  Every time I would lie down I would instantly feel much better. So I just assumed I needed to rest.  NO---Saturday it got worse.  I asked my sister to rub out my neck muscles hoping that would relieve the tension. NO---I did a little research and diagnosed myself with an epidural headache.  Called the hospital.  They said take your pain meds, drink a lot of caffeine and water, go to bed, and see if it gets better by morning.  It was not better.  Booo--I guess that is what happens when your spinal fluid is slowly leaking out of a pin size hole.  You get a 
We ended up going to the hospital on Sunday morning to have Cas's bilirubin checked and I decided that the pain I was experiencing was not going to go away on its own. While Ben was taking care of the lab work I went up to the OB floor and told them the problem. They said "Yeah, you don't look so good." Really??? Hum.. I wonder why.
 -My brain is getting Squished-
So they set me up in a nice hospital bed (I love the hospital by the way) and they called the anesthesiologist. Ben and I proceeded to spend the afternoon at the hospital.  After a few hours the Dr. was free and able to help me.   He performed a blood patch.  That is when they take a bit of blood from your arm and insert it into the area that the epidural was in. The blood patches up the hole and the pressure stops. 
It was a 5 minute miracle.
I sat up and the headache was GONE..Yes!  I might be able to survive the birth of my 5th child after all. 

And HE is definitely worth it!

Thanks to my friend SarahWard for her awesome photography skills. I LOVE these pictures.


  1. adorable! the headache sounds awful. especially to have to deal with it on top of having a newborn.

  2. Congratulations Michelle! Cas is adorable. I am glad he is a healthy baby. Sorry you had the epidural headache. I have heard they are terrible. Good thing they have a miracle to cure it. Get lots of rest and enjoy your sweet baby boy.