Sunday, March 20, 2011

January 2011

Happy Birthday to Me
 I kept telling Ben that all I wanted for my Birthday was a  BIG FAT CHOCOLATE CAKE.
You know the kind that is so gooey and yummy and chocolaty that you have to have the vanilla ice cream on the side or you would die from chocolate overload.  That is what I wanted.
The dear sweet husband of mine--Baked me not only 1 but 2 chocolate cakes.  He found the recipes online and couldn't decide which one would be better so he made them both.  The cakes were good--Bless his heart
the frosting just didn't turn out so great....but a great big  Thank You for my birthday wish!!

 Courtlyne did wear this to school today. 
I am glad that she is not afraid to show off her individuality 
 and style. 

Kids got a hold of the camera, and the funny faces commenced!!

I hate to admit it but I was a little disappointed in the birthday gifts from my sisters..  I mean usually my sisters give me something that I really enjoy like some great books, or new make-up that I would never buy myself, or a free massage,  this year I got these...

Really guys... I like chocolate and everything--the jam was horrible, but I was grateful that I had gotten a gift at all and that they were there to eat cake with me.  Little did I know... this was just a preview of a great surprise.  The next day I was minding my own business at work and my three sisters showed up with a bunch of balloons--I was like are a little late with the birthday present. But they had arranged for me to leave work--run away to Heber/Park City and escape for the night. We stayed at the Swiss Alps Inn---hence all the Swiss treats.   It was a great surprise.  I am now only sad that because I am usually the camera man, and  I was caught off guard,  I did not have my camera to take any photos of the adventure.  We just hung out--laughed, played a game, ate a lot of junk, watched a movie, stayed up late, and enjoyed the time.  It was amazing to me that they worked out the logistics of my life for me.  
The job, the kids, the husband, and the home were all taken care of without me worrying about a THING.  Amazing!  


  1. what great sister's you have!!! but pretty sure the chocolate and jam is swedish... :)

  2. What a lucky girl to have such great sisters. I will have to take some hints from them. You deserve the best sisters in the world. Happy Late Birthday Michelle.