Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Caeden Turn's Two

I can not believe that my little human is TWO years old.  I think she is the most adorable little human EVER!!
Of course I am a little biased.  I call her the little human because she is so small and she thinks she is so capable of doing whatever any other human could do.  She gets her own food.  Wants to do her own hair.  Moves the stools to wherever she needs to be.  Opens the fridge.  Gets her shoes. Gets in the car.  Reads books. Plays puzzles.  And generally feels as if she belongs with the big kids ALWAYS!!   She is quite a character. I have not had a child like her yet. Into everything---all the time. Writing on walls, writing on herself, and not stopping for a minute.  Until nap time and then she hits the bed and crashes for a few hours everyday. 
Thank goodness. 
 I am amazed every time I look at her.  Her little body, with her little muscular legs that walk and run her 
non-stop all over the place.  I am thankful that she is mine, that God has given  me her special spirit and amazing human body to raise in this troubled world.  
I love her--she wears me out--but nothing makes me smile more.

An Elmo Cake to celebrate the occasion. 
We had a great turn out for the party--Thanks Grandpa Gary!

A cute little sheep from Great-Grandma and Grandpa Carlson
Lots of loves and kisses for the sheepy!


JUST A Sample of the Mischief.
Halloween make-up, how did she find it?? GOOD QUESTION!

 Love you Caeden

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  1. The cake turned out so cute! She is such a doll!