Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Back again--Nov 2011

The Return of
Elder Allan Measom
November 12, 2011

We were all super excited to see Allan. It was great to be able to meet him at the airport.
 His high school friends even made the drive up to meet him. 

The 2 years he was gone seemed to fly by so fast--as has the year since he has been home. 
It is amazing to me looking back now how much happened while he was in Chile.
How much changed, yet how much of it stayed the same. 
He looked good.  
The same old Allan. Coming down the escalator in his red hoodie, with Dad close behind.  
A missionary...I couldn't tell, except for his name tag hanging from the pocket of his pants. 
He looked good. 
He looked happy.
I had a Mom of a recently returned missionary say that the day her son came home she felt pure joy.  
It was the happiest day of her life.  
Happier than her wedding, and the birth of her kids, because this was just a mom seeing her son and taking him in her arms, and not feeling the stress of anything to come. 

It was a great day!
 I know that Mom was up in heaven smiling down on us all
wrapping her arms and her heart around her son  
Proud and honored to be the Mom of a missionary.
He came home with hopes and dreams and goals for his future.
Plans to "take over the world" 
I know he can do anything he sets his mind to.
Glad to have him home.
Can not believe it has almost been 
 whole year! 

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